Andre Cronje - infinite AMA

Thankyou for your response! I understand that solidly is immutable and can’t do any alterations with solidly… but may be in your future projects i hope we may recover our losses. :+1::heart:

I’m so proud of you for starting something that most would only dare to dream of! Keep going :muscle:

Hello Ac and thx for all for your works.

Fwallet is huge but fmint and smint is very complicated could you fix this ? Thx chief

Any suggestions on what to change? What are you finding complicated, feedback like that can help us improve

Do you know when Fwallet will update? Seems like that are super slow with this.
Thanks for opening this bro. #Jozi :heart:FTM

just like swapping or another formula allowing farming, fmint is ultra complex. fervant holder fantom I will use the fantom token as a fmint catalyst without going through several steps just by pressing a button.

on the other hand the fantom wallet works like a Swiss clock and that is really worthy of power. well done.

Hi Andre,

I have two questions for you.

  1. Is the Foundation considering removing the maximum limit of 3.175b and launching a dynamic emission model similar to Ethereum? This could allow validators to be rewarded for their work for many years to come. I ask myself the question because there is no guarantee that the validators will remain profitable through the transaction fees alone after the end of the token distribution.

  2. As a DeFi expert, what do you think about Uniswap V3 and the associated optimizer projects like Popsicle Finance? I’m asking because the V3 license expires in April, if I remember correctly. This means there will likely be some forks, including on Fantom where Popsicle could deploy its optimizer if needed. Since the V3 liquidity management is too complicated for the normal user, V3 optimizers would have a clear use case. But I often ask myself whether these optimizers can be made profitable at all, since I keep seeing reports where users are more likely to lose money than make money through V3 LPing. Popsicle Finance has rarely been profitable with the Fragola V3 optimizer. Now the team seems to have been working on a JIT integration to reduce the permanent loss when rebalancing. What do you think about this? Maybe you talked about that concept with Daniele Sesta in the past.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. Best regards from a Fantom ICO participant :slight_smile:


Those questions are more for you personally rather than Fantom’s team.

We’ve seen that in 2022, Polygon has been making big move with BD (probably having some VC like Mark Cuban helped facilitate the path) noneless I personally think that it’s a big step for blockchain adoption.

If those partnership became fruitful for them in term of KPI like number of Tx and new users. Do you think that their current technology can handle a massive usage? And millions of Tx daily?

On the BD part (even if It’s Sam’s Area): do you think that having biz dev looking for partnership is a good idea ? It’s not like Fantom as a palette of web3 solution to sell. Maybe having or creating incubators with current companies to work towards disruption could be a better idea.

NOTE FOR THE COMMUNITY : blockchain adoption is not a race as we still are early in term of technology advancement and those partnerships will look at different solutions once they have fully adopted web3 (could take years) but they will. So Fantom will be well positioned.

  1. For now its wait and see, we first want to see if we can grow fees significantly enough to offset emission, we aren’t far off from that, if we can hit a consistent 2-4% APY on fees, we can stop emissions. We might even be able to stop it before it reaches 3.175b, but more data is required.
  2. Uniswap V3 has the option to extend, which I think they will likely enforce, unless they launch V4 before April, in which case they will let it lapse, too early to tell. Concentrated liquidity also means concentrated impermanent loss (or rather, just loss). Its an advanced system meant to be used by advanced users. Not everything in life is meant to be simplistic.
  1. I would rather not comment on other projects, that always quickly devolves into less than useful discussion, instead I focus on the things I can effect change on, namely Fantom’s stack.

  2. I do not recommend aggressively pursuing BD currently, and have asked the team to take a step back here, we have many breaking changes launching this year, and I would like to have those implemented before we increase BD and marketing. Our timeline is decades, not months, so we can take our time to grow our market share with the best possible product.


How would you describe your role within the leadership and governance structure at Fantom? It appears you are responsible for Strategy & Innovation but curious as to how you would describe your role - I know job titles can be limiting.

Andre, do you really feel from the bottom of your heart that this tech can change the world and is here to stay?

Hey Andre, i previously asked you about Fantoshi and you said you had not idea what it was. According to this article by Fantom Foundation - Fantom kinda accidentally created an AI - I never understood if this was some sort of joke, or it is actually a thing with purpose on the Fantom blockchain.

Just wanted to know if this is still a thing

The article was released on the 1st of April, a date when in western countries jokes are made.

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Hi Andre ,
Was a pleasure to meet you in Abu Dhabi and glad to see you are active again. As a CM I think I speak on behalf of the community and thank you for all you do. Keep the Memes coming

I read all the messages and your answers. I feel this forum is really the best, no BS, all genuine questions and your thorough answers, really appreciated. I am also very deep in $FTM and its ecosystem.

My question:

Fantom is known and perceived as a defi protocol, do you feel it has other major use cases? If so, what area or how you think it will be integrated?

Context for my above question:
I recent watched Mark Jeffrey’s interview with DRIEF (ride sharing company) on youtube , and one comment really stood out for me from the CEO. The CEO said crypto needs to be integrated into daily life to make it mass adoption. I feel defi is not fairly niche when I talked to people who have exposure in crypto, so it’s very far from mass adoption (even among crypto investors).

Many thanks in advance for your answers.

Got another question for you Andre!

Tech-wise, which blockchain would you say is the competitor to Fantom?

What’s your opinion on these new emerging blockchain like Aptos and Sui?

Were you impressed about the new Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWP) tech that they just recently released?

Hi Andre… appreciate you taking the time to answer all the questions. Are there any use cases you have thought of for web 3 that haven’t been developed yet? Beyond NFTs, games, defi…is there anything you think will sprout up that hasn’t yet?

Thanks and best wishes to you! There are way more people who support you than the naysayers who wanna bring everyone down. Stay well :slight_smile:

Hello Andre,

I’ve been meaning to ask about some of your lesser known projects in the past, Deriswap and Iron Bank.

  1. I think some of the ideas from the Deriswap blog post were fascinating, especially the options side and the use of smiles. Its especially interesting with what we know now, that many AMM payoffs are very options like, so I would say that your early work here was somewhat ahead of its time. Can you comment on your thoughts on the ideas from Deriswap, and if you think any of those still has legs? Bonus if you still have the code available for these, would be fun to study.

  2. I know that Iron Bank is still active now. But what I find interesting was that this was the first instance of protocol-to-protocol financing. I still feel this space has been unexplored, and I wish there was more work in this area. What do you think about this, its future and where you think people should be focusing on?

I think, being an “outsider looking in”, gives me a somewhat unique perspective on what’s working and what isn’t working, so I can help make those small course corrections. Ultimately, Kong, Quan and team drive the vision and mission and do so in isolation away from me, I just help prioritize and streamline. So I guess the most apt real world analog is probably a management consultant, but I definitely don’t consider myself as such. Most of what I do is just think “what would I need as a builder to maximize the value I can get out of Fantom” and then push towards that. But I don’t tend to see myself as “within the leadership and governance structure”, more of an unsolicited external voice.


Depends on the measure of “change the world”, practically speaking, it already has changed the world, by virtue of media and the masses talking about NFT’s and crypto, means the impact was already made. I find it interesting when people talk about “adoption” when crypto and NFT is already almost everywhere in the collective consciousness. Is it here to stay? Only as long as it takes for a better technology to surpass is, but for now, yes.