Andre Cronje - infinite AMA

Hi All,

Opening up a thread for anyone that has questions, I won’t close this thread, so you can keep asking whenever, no time pressure. I’ll answer as and when I can.

Andre Cronje


What is the timeline for the Account Abstraction feature you mentioned in a Medium article?

Any software engineering timeline is highly variable based on far too many factors to predict, that being said, our internal goal is towards the end of Q3 early Q4 to have it at least available on testnet, ideally mainnet. As this involves a lot of core breaking changes it requires significant coordination with third party providers that consume Fantom’s downstream data. Even when AA is live, it will still take time for wallets / explorers / dapps to integrate, so that time also needs to be taken into consideration, realistically until full integration and downstream services are providing AA will most likely take 2-3 years.


Thanks for your response! Will Gas Abstraction be released alongside AA? Or is it too early enough to tell? It’s the feature I’m most excited for :wink:

Full features gas abstraction would require AA, but a subset thereof will be available when we release gas subsidies, which will function similar in practice.


I just want to say hi :slight_smile:

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Hi Klue, welcome, hi back :slight_smile:


Hi Andre, as a long time follower of Kanpeki, I have been of the understanding you have known of the protocol for a long time, in fact you added Keep3r Oracle support to the project some time ago.

Now that the protocol is fully decentralised and unique to Fantom, it would be great to get your visibile opinion and support for Kanpeki.

Isn’t Kanpeki exactly what you have always wanted to see come to life in the world of DeFi, especially here on Fantom.

Many thanks.

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I have no clue what Kanpeki is, and please don’t use this thread to shill projects.


It was called Yield and you added Keep3r Oracle support for it? I thought you would be aware of fully decentralised protocols on Fantom? Isn’t that what DeFi should be about?


What are your thoughts on Tomb Finance?

I don’t believe any algorithmic stable coins work, nor will they


But what about one pegged to FTM?

Is FVM still on track? Any updates you can give?

The peg doesn’t matter, as long as it is algorithmic and not backed, it won’t work


Everything is on track, we will release updates when it is prudent, we don’t want to release information prematurely as the FVM is a competitive advantage we would like to secure.


its pretty kewl actually Kanpeki - Isolated Individual Fixed-Rate Lending and Borrowing - YouTube


What are your thoughts on Harry and him building on L2 on top of FTM?

Fantom isn’t close to its max throughput. An L2 doesn’t serve a purpose.


Hello Andre

Thank you very much for allowing this access to your person. I describe my questions below:

  1. Why does a mind like yours decide to work in 2021 with Daniele Sestagali who promotes and achieves super hype with a ponzi like Wonderland, that in your mind you knew was unsustainable and many people were going to lose money sooner or later?
  2. Why did you come out solidly like that, knowing that there would be many people who believe in you and consider FTM as their home and they would be affected?
  3. Why you have a relationship with Harry, the only thing Harry has done is harm his community?

With these questions I am not trying to question FTM, since I consider it my only and favorite L1, I will always defend it and since I met her I thought that everything else was garbage.

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