About the The Network Vault category

The Fantom Network Vault (Ecosystem Support Vault).

Why use this category => To submit your long-forum Vault application and link it within your Governance proposal. If approved via Fantom Governance (over 55% approval + quorum), you are able to receive the elected amount of FTM. (Note: The applicant is only able to receive an amount below or up-to the amount of FTM available in the vault at the time of approval from the governance portal)

If you have any questions please contact info@fantom.foundation


Hello @Sam
Do u know how the projects submit for vault and what’s the requirements?

Hey Fardin!
+Expect news very soon about application process outline.
+There are no “requirements”, however in order to get the FTM from the vault you’ll need 55% approval + turnout from goverance. So you’d likely have to get active within the community to get the application through.

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Sounds good
Hope to be eligible for this support :smile:

What would be the best way to get governance to vote? Currently it seems not many will take part in voting without an official announcement of the vote.

Hi Fantom family… i am wondering about next steps… @Sam had cautioned me early on about my proposal (highwater.world, pitch deck is in that thread) asking for more than the vault contained at the time. The vault has now surpassed my humble request. Is there anything I can / should do to follow up? Thanks for any info.

And the team just submitted for the Fantom Vault

Check it out everyone!


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