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What is Retreeb?

Retreeb is the first payment solution which integrates its social responsability in the heart of a sunstainable business model. Today, people are increasingly careful about the consequences of their consumption habits on the environment. Payment is a simple daily act that connect the world, and which is at the origin of the economy. While consumption patterns and consumer expectations are changing (organic, ethical, respectful of the environment, etc.), the means of payment and the associated interbank commissions remain unchanged. How can finance reinvent itself and aspire to become more inclusive, responsible and supportive?

Retreeb presents itself as an alternative, practical, economical and in phase with the social stakes of our time.

The Retreeb solution is a disintermediated means of payment on mobile phone that is free of interbank commissions. We approach payment by placing corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR) at the heart of our business model.

Indeed, for each payment made on the network, Retreeb charges the merchant fees (from 0.9% to 1.5%) that are lower than those charged on the market and with no fixed fees, which is a very attractive source of savings for the merchant. 33% of this income is donated by Retreeb to the social project selected by the user issuing the transaction. This economic model is not based on any direct financial contribution from the user. To conclude, by redistributing 33% of its income to ethical projects through its mobile App, Retreeb becomes a great gateway for Blockchain mass adoption, showing the power and efficiency of Fantom technology with a simple use case. More than a mean of payment, Retreeb’s a mean of change.

Funding Request:

95,000 FTM


Retreeb is launching its payment service in Q1 2023 through its first Local Use Case (LUC) in Tours, a beautiful mid-size city in France. To make Retreeb a success we strongly believe we need to start by building local communities, multiply the successful LUCs then go global with big players partnerships.

The FTM vault funds will fuel our second LUC’s marketing activities in acquiring users and retailers through different operations:

  • Media activations
  • Street & guerilla marketing actions
  • Crypto-friendly student teams to enroll merchants
  • Distribution of Retreeb-only vouchers via the referral program
  • Add $FTM/$TREEB liquidity on SpookySwap

Changing the world is all about putting in the right effort and having the right timing.

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