Vault proposal :, an EdTech focused metaverse

Funding request - 133,000 FTM or $50k usd at the time of this posting.

Elevator pitch - Highwater is an EdTech focused metaverse. We will serve as a AAA shared-world, a social network, and a destination for an enormous high school aged demographic. Brands will enjoy an experiential presence within an “open economy.” As there is currently no primary destination online for this audience, we’re aiming for rapid growth via on-boarding of school districts as digital twins (17m in the US alone), effectively a huge built-in audience.

Pitch deck :

Hi all, I’m Alpay Kasal, I currently run an experiential design firm with a staff of designers and devs. We operate from a 15k sq ft physical location in San Francisco. We’ve been at it for >15 yrs. We’ve started building the Highwater MVP and I’d like to focus my whole team on this metaverse fulltime. One way we get there is the purchase of an Optitrack mocap system. 133,000 FTM allows us to purchase this. Why is it important? We can streamline production by leaning on ‘virtual production’ techniques, creating a AAA world which feels huge and fleshed out, rapidly and with a small team. We’d be able to create teaser videos as part of our roadmap to aid in raising the total funds we need. We’re working with innovation labs at disparate school districts and aim to move forward with approvals from the Dept of Education. Educators will send students to this platform, all of whom will be using an FTM based economy and trading NFT based items. I’m open to all your questions / critique / feedback.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for the overview Alpay.

Sounds interesting, I want to confirm you’re tracking the Vault address => which holds ~77k FTM at the time of writing this reply. Please keep this in mind as your request is significantly greater than what is available at this time.

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Thanks for the reply Sam… I actually didn’t know how large total amounts work in terms of waiting for the vault to potentially grow without the bucket emptying due to smaller project awards. As the risk of getting rejected, I thought I’d go ahead and get on radar rather than wait. Thanks also for the link, I appreciate it, I am keeping my eye on it :slight_smile:

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