Vault Proposal: Fantom Lords, enter the crypto dungeon!

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Project description

Web3 coders, NFT summoners, and crypto Citizens, witness The Crypto Dungeon!


  • The “Fantom Lords” project is an NFT project that has grown and matured into a fully featured web-3 experience. We are actively working on Fantom since September 2021, and we kept developing our project through bear and bull markets regardless of the market fluctuations.

  • Our final product, our most significant endeavor is without a doubt our Dungeon Crawler game, you can already play it with or without NFTs. We strive to build a fully featured, fun, and high-quality, game that will attract both new and existing users to our ecosystem and the Fantom crypto world.

  • We host a small but tightly knit community of old-school RPG enthusiasts on our discord server, attracted by our awesome art and coming from the Fantom community, our proud “Lords” are a safe haven in the sometimes artificial and distant world of crypto communities.

  • Fantom Lords are first and foremost NFTs, with an original collection and an upgraded collection derived from the burning and “ascension” of the originals Both collections are already integrated and playable on our HTML5 game.


  • With our token XRLC distributed through our “stronghold” staking platform, we have tied together all of our new and old collections, giving our users choice and freedom when it comes to staking, selling, or using the XLRC generated by holding our NFTs to mint new nfts.

  • The release could be considered “bleeding edge” at the time, especially for Fantom, as it was a unique and challenging release(especially on the code aspect, we have to thank 0XKalakaua for his custom solidity code) And I think the tokenomics aspect of the “ascension” are especially advanced and should be considered a fair and interesting distribution model for the later stages of an NFT project, check out our whitepaper.


  • Why should the invaluable Fantom flow to our hallowed Vault wallet?

Yes, we already maintain a DAO/TREASURY wallet, and expenses are properly documented and tracked in a channel visible to all of our NFT holders, funds from any grants received by the project will be added to this vault and be expended wisely, and only in the interests of the Fantom Lords and neighboring communities.

  • Spending plan of the grants:

  • 10% marketing (only for bribes and tips of OG fantom Twitter believers and purchase of other Fantom-based NFT projects for cross giveaways, bad marketing spent from random shillers outside of the ecosystem never works and can actually hurt the project)

  • 30% Solidity development and audited custom contracts (Custom code for DAPPs and platforms similar to our custom-coded staking platform)

  • 10% For hosting and misc. expenses (domain hosting, server hosting, discord subscriptions, Twitter blue subscription) If we are Bullish on Fantom’s price action this 10% could cover the maintenance costs to support the site and the smooth working of the community for years.

  • 40% On game development by Stomaco Studio , an expense that will synergize with the development of a DAPP (30% solidity development)

  • 10% Will be saved for the distant future or held as raw FTM for sudden expenses and emergencies.

The funding received will be spent wisely and only in the interest of a healthy and balanced Fantom community. Any issues and suggestions on how to spend the funds, especially from the Fantom foundation will be seriously considered.

We have relentlessly developed and maintained the project, spending for hosting, maintenance, and some marketing, but most importantly for skilled development from solidity developers (0XKalakaua), web developers, and game developers (Stomaco Studio). Money spent on game development by Enri, the project lead is even higher than his share of the minting proceeds from the original minting back in 2021!

By investing funds into the development of our Fantom Lords project, we can greatly enhance our products and create an exceptional offering that has the potential to attract users from beyond the crypto space. This would provide high-value entertainment and help break the zero-sum game of closed crypto ecosystems.


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