Vault Proposal; dMail & dChat Communication Super App on Fantom

What is 4thPillar (4P)?

Community-build dMail & dChat Super App perfectly aligned with decentralized fundamentals;

:point_right:Decentralized, self-custodial & modular communication platform
:point_right:Immutable & on-chain; 1 email/message = 1 Fantom transaction
:point_right:Self-custodial E2E encryption via Encryptor Extension
:point_right:Self-custodial decentralized storage via PollinationX NFTs

:bulb:Send your first dMail via Fantom; Follow the user guide :arrow_right:

Why 4thPillar (4P)?

:point_right: One-of-a-kind on-chain model; Moving communication on-chain ensures the immutability and traceability of emails and messages, introducing a level of trust and security unprecedented in legacy digital communication.
:point_right: Robust & Resistant; Natively resistant to Web2 data mining, data ownership loss, censorship, spam, phishing and ID theft.
:point_right: Modular & Self-custodial; In the case of the 4P downtime, anyone can spin up and run open-source dMail & dChat client and access their communication data.
:point_right: Permissionless access; Native permissionless access prevents access restrictions and de-platforming use cases.
:point_right: Secure & Encrypted; By owning encryption keys, users can take control of their email & messaging encryption in a true self-custodial way.
:point_right: Storage control; By utilising self-custodial decentralized storage NFTs, 4P enables users to retain data ownership, ensuring they retain full control over their email & messaging data.
:point_right: Open source collaboration; Join our collective effort, submit issues, pull requests, or offer general feedback on GitHub.
:point_right: Next-gen Web3 UI/UX; One click connect and network switching with intuitive and modern dMail & dChat client.
:point_right: Awarded technology; In development from 2018, the underlying OCC (on-chain communication) Protocol powering 4P application received awards and recommendations from; the Adriatic Council, UNCEFACT, Edgeware, Solana, Tron and others.

Web3 Specific Features;

:point_right:On-chain W2W emailing & messaging
:point_right:Decentralization coefficient = Fantom
:point_right:Permissionless access, no phone number required
:point_right:Decentralized storage NFTs
:point_right:Modularity; Network (chose between EVMs), Storage (self-custodial storage NFTs) & Encryption (self-custodial E2E communication encryption via Encryptor Extension)
:point_right:NFT/token gated on-chain group chat
:point_right:Option to charge an email correspondence fee

Why Fantom?

:point_right:Close to real-time transaction finality perfect for on-chain communication
:point_right:High throughput network
:point_right:Low transaction price
:point_right:Thriving community

How does it work?

The dChat W2W message exchange happens on-chain as one short encrypted message represents one Fantom blockchain transaction. As dMail is data heavier, lite encrypted JSON objects are created to hold dMail metadata. The link to this encrypted metadata and checksum is recorded on the chain as a Fantom blockchain transaction. In both cases, the core primitive described by the formula applies;:bulb:1 email/message = 1 Fantom-TX

:link:dMail technical diagram (://
:link:dChat technical diagram(://
:link:[Mail] Smart Contract on Fantom TestNet (://
:link:PollinationX storage NFT [PX] Smart Contract on Fantom TestNet (://

:bulb:SC Audits will be available before MainNet


:point_right:Introducing a non-financial blockchain utility in the form of on-chain email & messaging communication on Fantom
:point_right:Introducing PollinationX decentralized storage NFTs on Fantom
:point_right:Empowering users with email & messaging alternatives that are decentralized, modular, self-custodial and not based on the existing predatory model
:point_right:4P on-chain model (1 email/message = 1 Fantom transaction) empowers unparallel Fantom transaction volume opportunity

Revenue Model

Parallel to the underlying Fantom communication transaction Gas cost, the Protocol Fee is also settled on the smart contract level and is applicable for every email or message transaction. We are estimating ~0.005$ FTM ≡ per executed email and ~0.0025$ FTM ≡ per executed message. Total user cost equals the sum of the Fantom transaction cost and the Protocol Fee. Both the Gas and Protocol Fees converge and manifest as one end-user communication transaction fee. Check the 4P Fee Model for more information.

Vault Proposal

The application development is at 90%. 4P dApp (TestNet) is already processing a high number of emails, while users are already exchanging data files based on self-custodial decentralized storage NFTs. While dMail smart contracts are already deployed on Fantom, we are deploying the dChat smart contracts on Fantom later in February, starting the Fantom Early tester program in March. We are planning the 4P dApp MainNet launch on Fantom by the end of Q2 2024. To turn this project into a Fantom MainNet reality we are seeking funding for the integration which is expected to take a maximum of two months. The total budget of $15 000 USD will provide crucial support to our devs through the integration process, and will be split over several milestones:

Milestones Measured by Deliverables Dev Hours Total Cost Deadline
Integrating Fantom blockchain into the 4P back-end framework Successful deployment 18 (220$/h) 3,960 USDC TO + 4 weeks
Integrating Fantom blockchain into the 4P front-end framework Successful deployment 22 (220$/h) 4,840 USDC TO + 4 weeks
[Mail] Smart Contract Deployment on Fantom TestNet + Testing Smart Contract Deployment (explorer URL) 2 (250$/h) 500 USDC :white_check_mark:
[Mail] Smart contract Deployment on Fantom MainNet + Testing Smart Contract Deployment (explorer URL) 2 (250$/h) 500 USDC TO + 8 weeks
[Chat] Smart Contract Deployment on Fantom TestNet + Testing Smart Contract Deployment (explorer URL) 2 (250$/h) 500 USDC TO + 4 weeks
[Chat] Smart Contract Deployment on Fantom MainNet+ Testing Smart Contract Deployment (explorer URL) 2 (250$/h) 500 USDC TO + 8 weeks
[PX] Smart Contract Deployment on Fantom TestNet+ Testing Smart Contract Deployment (explorer URL) 2 (250$/h) 500 USDC :white_check_mark:
[PX] Smart Contract Deployment on Fantom MainNet+ Testing Smart Contract Deployment (explorer URL) 2 (250$/h) 500 USDC TO + 8 weeks
Fantom GMT (go-to-market) strategy Media Plan & Creatives (document URL) 70 (45$/h) 3,150 USDC TO + 8 weeks

4P Fantom Roadmap;

:gem:February 2024; PollinationX decentralized storage NFT SC on Fantom
:gem:February 2024; 4P dMail on Fantom
:gem:March 2024; 4P dChat on Fantom
:gem:March 2024; 4P dMail & dChat Early Testing Program on Fantom
:gem:Q2 2024; 4P dMail & dChat Fantom MainNet
:gem:Q2 2024; 4P Pro / $FOUR RTA Access;

  • TestNet availability
  • Sent mails
  • Draft mail
  • Group #dChat Creation
  • dChat Attachments
  • White-label (p2)
  • dMail & dChat dApp fee discount (p2)
  • Option to charge an email correspondence fee (p2)
  • NFT/token gated on-chain group chat (p2)

Native Four Token;

:point_right:4P Pro RTA (right-to-access)
:point_right:4P Discord RTA (right-to-access)
:point_right:Community incentives
:link:Tokenomics (://

Our Story

Our Web3 story began in 2017 when the 4thPillar (4P) genesis team formed to innovate Ethereum’s first on-chain communication and data file transfer application. The first 4thPillar dMail iteration was deployed on Ethereum MainNet in April 2018. The project was later divided into two teams. Block Labs Luxembourg focuses on back-end on-chain communication (OCC) infrastructure (i.e. OCC Protocol, OCC SDK, white label client stack), while the 4thPillar (4P) team focuses on dMail & dChat Super App development. You can check the specific team member contributions on dedicated GitHub profiles.

4P Team

:technologist:4punk, full-stack dev contributor: GitHub (4punk-web3)
:baby:Firstjetli, Web3 full-stack dev contributor: GitHub (firstjetli)
:person_curly_hair:Ian Božič, GTM, PR, Marketing: Twitter (IanBozi)
:man_technologist:Silvo Fortuna, GTM, PR, Marketing: Twitter (dj_sylvain)
:woman_technologist:Zil (Design)

OCC Infrastructure Block Labs Team;
:man:Dr. Tali Režun, Web3 Researcher & Academic: Twitter (talirezun)
:technologist:Denis Jazbec, Full-stack: GitHub (denisjazbec)
:person_bald:David Tacer, Full-stack: GitHub/HitLab (davidtacer)

:point_right:Ian Božič/4P - Telegram (Ian4th), Twitter (IanBozi)
:point_right:Dr. Tali Režun/Block Labs - Telegram (talirezun)

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Official links;

:link:4P Website (://
:link:4P Docs (://
:link:4P App (://
:link:4P GitHub (://
:link:4P Whitepaper (://
:link:4P Twitter (://
:link:4P Telegram (://

We are here for any questions, so fire away:)