Vault Proposal: Decentralized Agora

Hey Fantom Friends,

We’re intent on launching a community hub for Fantom that’s purpose-built for a blockchain ecosystem and equipped the full slate of collaboration and events tooling needed (we need to be better than discord by now and as much as I love forum posts…I don’t). At the center of the hub will be an AI-powered, community-managed knowledge base capable of guiding anyone new through the intricacies of the Fantom ecosystem, from its history to governance to tokenomics and more. The aim is to create a gathering place for us to communicate and collaborate with a seamless UX - think of it like a modern, digital version of the ancient Greek agora.

The idea is to take what we’ve already built at and design a bespoke whitelabel of sorts that’s specifically designed for Fantom.

Here’s the fun deck we made.

We’re asking for a grant of $10,000 to get it up and running - half of which will be used to cover gas so it’s free to use for the community.