Staking Rewards Yield if new validator threshold approved

As of today, the APR for locking up FTM for 1 yr is 5.98%. (estimated)

I want to lock up my FTM for 1year, as I don’t have enough to run a validator, But if the vote is successful I will have enough to run several validators. But there are several variables I don’t know. Can you help.

  1. Will the 5.98% change if the validator threshold is reduced from 500,000 down to enable larger decentralization of Fantom network? Does this 5.98% reduce to something significantly lower? what factors impact this?
  2. What would be hard costs for running a validator (hosting) with 50,000 or 100,000 staked FTM? Using a third party validator has been priced at USD480 month, which seems really expensive.

Trying to work out what is ROI for my FTM tokens.