Infinity Wallet - A complete one-stop ecosystem (Wallet, Web3 Browser and DeFi services)

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Infinity Wallet & Web3 Browser

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Relevant usage metrics:~

  • 46,000 MAU;

  • $600,000,000+ secured

  • 800,000+ transactions

Project description:

Infinity Wallet is the first all-in-one non-custodial wallet ecosystem and Web3 browser of its kind on desktop, launched in 2019, and supporting hundreds of thousands of users. Not a browser extension, but a complete standalone desktop application providing a one-stop solution for seamless access and usability of DeFi, NFTs and cross-border payments, with a gateway to the world of Web3/DApps via the first desktop Web3 browser and Dapp store. Fulfilling all a user’s decentralized needs in a single platform, while removing the complexities of decentralized finance and Web3, enabling economic freedom for everyone globally!

Infinity Wallet was created to finally enable mass adoption, as a single access point to the entire decentralized world. We have focused on providing the best possible user experience, to lower the barrier to entry and allow for streamlined and secure adoption of DeFi and Web3. Providing a world-class user experience with a seamless user interface, and a full spectrum of constantly growing in-wallet features and services as a one-stop hub. Making Infinity Wallet the complete solution for all crypto users’ needs, while making adoption and usage of cross-border payments, DeFi, NFTs and Web3 easier than ever before for mainstream adoption.

Infinity Wallet is not just a unique one-stop wallet built for the masses, it is also the first desktop platform to provide users with access to the entire Web3 and DApp space without needing to leave their wallet, with the first Web3 browser and DApp store on desktop as a standalone App. Finally removing the need to use unintuitive, unfriendly and feature-lacking browser extension wallets ever again! Providing a far superior, safer and more natural user experience, with a range of unique advantages for users, DApps, and chains alike, enabling easier usage and adoption.

Motivation and Problem:

The problem today is that while wallets are the most fundamental component required for usage and adoption of DeFi, Web3, crypto payments, a chain and its ecosystem, they are one of the least well developed applications in the crypto ecosystem. Wallets currently act mainly as an interface, serving primarily as a transaction signing layer, with very limited functionality or direct features/services/protocols (users generally have to search, find, learn and interact with many different applications and services), and are generally lacking in basic UX, while providing very unprofessional, hard to use and aesthetically poor user interfaces, with most platforms built for developers rather than end users. This has been sufficient for the early adopters in crypto, however, for the next billion users to onboard to DeFi and Web3, a more curated and high quality user experience is required.

Infinity Wallet steps in to fill this need, as a one-stop hub for all payment, DeFi, NFT and Web3 activity. Providing a unique all-in-one wallet and Web3 browser solution with a full spectrum of in-platform services, features and protocols, focusing on delivering a premium platform and enhancing the user experience, while providing a user centric interface for seamless decentralized use. Streamlining accessibility and lowering the barrier to entry, to allow for easy onboarding and true adoption of DeFi, crypto payments & Web 3.0 globally.

Competitive Advantages

Infinity Wallet provides a unique wallet and the first Web3 browser solution on desktop, with a mobile version also in the works that will redefine the Crypto, DeFi & Web3 experience on mobile. Bringing a wide range of advantages such as:

  • A unique platform in the space providing a complete experience in a standalone desktop app, rather than a browser extension. Delivering a high quality, one-stop user focused experience required for mass adoption;

  • The first desktop Web3 browser & DApp store. Finally freeing desktop users from having to use unintuitive and feature-lacking browser extension wallets to access Web3 and DApps. While providing a simpler, easy to use medium to access Web3 and discover DApps;

  • The Infinity Wallet enables users to directly connect to a DApp on the web, but also to connect with DApps that require connecting via their own downloadable software/app rather than a domain. Making Infinity Wallet the only desktop wallet to support true unlimited access to all of Web3.

  • An encompassing approach to provide an all-in-one multi-chain platform, supporting all chain types (EVM and non-EVM) across the Infinity ecosystem. Enabling seamless use of all chains within a single platform, for easier interoperability between chains and removing the need to use multiple wallets.

  • We are delivering a more curated in-wallet experience, with a focus on providing a far superior and seamless user experience, as a one-stop solution for all a user’s DeFi, Web3, NFT, Crypto and Payment needs. Aiming for all features, services and protocols to be directly accessible within a single platform, and working with users on constant new developments to meet their demands;

  • We are actively solving issues within the space today. Such as, the need to learn and use multiple platforms, lack of live user DeFi & Web3 support to help users learn and onboard, lack of new innovation and limited features/services (limiting accessibility/usage), high fees, poor user experience and unprofessional user interfaces. With most other platforms built with a focus more on developers, rather than less technical end users;

  • Our team has been within the crypto/blockchain space for close to 10 years. Having gained a vast amount of experience with the industry, and a deep understanding of what is missing and needed to onboard the next 1 billion users to DeFi & Web3.

Ecosystem Benefit/Impact:

The goal of this proposal would be to enhance Fantom with a much needed one-stop UX focused platform, providing Fantom access to the many advancements we have. Bringing much needed valuable infrastructure, services and ecosystem support, which Fantom currently lacks (for DeFi, Web3, and cross-border payments). While bringing new utility, and allowing for easier usage, access and adoption of Fantom and its ecosystem as a default chain, while also empowering developers with easier discoverability and usability of their DApps & Tokens, driving adoption.

Infinity Wallet, as a unique first of its kind one-stop wallet and Web3 browser ecosystem on desktop (with unique mobile release to come), built for the masses and supporting hundreds of thousands of users, can help excel Fantom. Making it more user friendly to support millions of future users, while improving the user experience and lowering the barrier to entry. Delivering an all-in-one ecosystem platform that will provide access to multiple unique in-wallet features/services, with constant new developments. Along with a focus on delivering a high quality and user-centric interface, redefining the DeFi & Web3 user experience and providing users direct access to all their needs in a single platform. Allowing for streamlined adoption and onboarding of Fantom and its ecosystem, for DeFi, Web3, and cross-border payments.

Fantom currently lacks streamlined Web3 support for connecting and transacting with Web3. As the FIRST desktop Web3 browser and DApp store, we bring a unique more natural user experience and value to any chain integrated when accessing DApps and Web3. Finally freeing desktop users from having to use unintuitive, unfriendly and feature-lacking browser extension wallets to access Web3 and DApps, while enabling easier DApp discoverability!

Below are some of the key infrastructure and features/services that could benefit and bring value to Fantom and its ecosystem:

  • Portfolio and Analytics Monitoring/Dashboard

  • One-stop DeFi Wallet Solution with a strong focus on user experience

  • First desktop Web3 Browser (One-click connect and transact with Web3 DApps, with utmost discoverability and use of a chains’ ecosystem) This removes the need for unfriendly and feature-lacking browser extensions to access Web3 and decentralized applications on desktop

  • Web3 DApp Store (Enables easier DApp & ecosystem discoverability, adoption and usage)

  • Cross-chain swap & bridge (Swap/Bridge between multiple supported chains)

  • In-wallet decentralized exchange aggregator

  • NFT support and Gallery to manage (view, send and receive) and easily trade NFTs

  • Fiat on/off Ramp (enabling easy and direct onboarding into crypto and supported chains)

  • Advanced Transaction History and balance/performance tracking

  • Custom Token Importing (Allowing any token to be imported, even if not default supported)

  • Live user and chain support, with a focus on delivering the best possible user experience to make onboarding for users as easy and seamless as possible

General Developments over the next 6 months

We have a lot of future developments planned over the next couple of years, however some of the developments planned over the next 6 months that could benefit Fantom on a case by case basis include:

  • UX focused Mobile Wallet release in mid 2023 (redefining the entire DeFi & Web3 experience);

  • Direct in-wallet Staking;

  • Social Wallet (removing the need for a seed phrase and enabling users to create a wallet via social login, allowing for easier onboarding and usage of DeFi & Web3 by the general user);

More on our roadmap can be found in our information deck linked further up in project links.

Grant Funding

80,000 FTM (≈ $30k) to help cover the costs related to the development and integration of Fantom within the Infinity Wallet and Web3 Browser/DApp store.

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A governance vote has been started here for anyone that would like to take part fWallet

If any questions or further insight we can give on the proposal just let us know.