HashBox Mail - The Smart Contract Mail

Hi there!

My name is Silvio Guedes, the creator of HashBox Mail (https://hashbox.app).

  • What is HashBox Mail?

It’s a mail built on the blockchain using smart contracts to send and receive messages and files, eliminating the need for middlemen controlling the data. Without intermediaries, data cannot be changed or censored by a company.

  • What kind of problem is solved?

Due to the nature of the blockchain that all data on it is public, anyone who knows a user’s wallet address can know how much money the user has. If it is an exorbitant amount, this information could put that person’s safety at risk if a criminal knows where the user lives or goes to.

For this reason, no user should link his personal information (SSN, home address, telephone number or workplace address) to his wallet address. A criminal knowing someone’s email address, can easily discover his home address or sensitive information from a resume posted online.

The solution removes this need for the user to expose personal information, using only his wallet address to communicate, to receive information or files from a company or another user. An online platform only needs to know the user’s wallet address - if he has the necessary amount or if he has already paid for the product/service offered.

  • Why is this application so important?

It’s important because this is one of the few applications on the blockchain that is not:

  • A coin project (Bitcoin for example);
  • A token project (to exchange business, intellectual property or private property rights);
  • An NFT project (to exchange image, video, audio, text or game character);
  • A DeFi project (to exchange tokens);
  • A DNS project (to translate hexadecimal address into a human-readable name).

This is a project for communication: Communication on the blockchain.

Many apps work like this:

a) User A sends a message to the App;
b) The App resends the message to User B.

The core of HashBox Mail is to remove the “App”.

The “App” is not needed with the blockchain and the smart contracts, everything is peer-to-peer (P2P).

With the core of this project, you can build:

  • A decentralized Uber - user asks driver for ride on the blockchain without the Uber;
  • A decentralized DoorDash - user requests a delivery on the blockchain without the DoorDash;
  • A decentralized AirBnb - user rents a house on the blockchain without the AirBnb.

With all the rules written using smart contracts. Immutable, forever.

“Blockchain Day By Day” - This is HashBox’s motto.

Note: This project can be used by people even in the bear market, because this is a utility project not tied to the crypto market.

  • Is there some token?

Yes, it exists and it has a fixed price (0.008 MATIC) - you can buy it at any time for this price. This is the only way to keep the project decentralized and get paid for my work.

If I didn’t create a token and wanted to get paid for the work, I would have to explicitly own the project: my wallet address should be linked to the Launchpad smart contract at all times.

  • Is this really decentralized?

Yes. Every credit (token ERC-20) used to send an email or to create a Feed is returned to the protocol. I don’t receive any fees or tokens when a user interacts with the protocol.

  • Did you receive any investment from VCs?

No. I built the project with my own money. I spent almost 3 years and over 20K dollars to build the protocol.

The main objective is to create a utility project not linked to the cryptocurrency market: you don’t need to know how much 1 Bitcoin costs if you have to communicate with someone. If you need to communicate, you’ll do it without worrying about the price of Bitcoin.

If the project is successful, I support the project by selling the credits (HBMs).

  • Do you have a team?

The project was developed only by me (Silvio Guedes). This is my first blockchain project.

Search for “Silvio Guedes” on LinkedIn for more information.

  • What are the differences between HashBox Mail and other “blockchain mail” solutions?

This is a 100% blockchain solution: All emails are registered on the blockchain, all rules are executed on the blockchain and written using smart contracts.

Nobody can censor the protocol, nobody can change the rules of the protocol, nobody can stop the protocol. Including me, the creator.

  • Who are your competitors?:

There is the Point Mail, but it works only on the Point Network blockchain and it cannot be ported to other networks.

There are other like “decentralized blockchain mail”, but they don’t work on the blockchain and/or can’t be easily ported to other blockchain: Mailchain, Dmail, Ledgermail.

  • What kind of features are there in this protocol and why are they important?

A great feature is the ability to get paid when you receive an email. No more SPAMs!


If you set a fee of 1 Bitcoin (1 WBTC), you will always receive 1 BTC for any email, message or file from anyone any time you receive an email. Your attention will always be rewarded.

“Pay Attention” never made so much sense.

  • What kind of integration can be done with this protocol?

You can integrate the HashBox Mail with others dApps, like:

  • A decentralized marketplace that sends notifications to users about delivery status;
  • A DeFi protocol that communicates with users about newly created liquidity pools and rewards;
  • Create a decentralized OTC (Over The Counter) for users to trade cryptocurrencies directly with sellers privately;
  • To create a decentralized “heritage network” for crypto (including Bitcoin);
  • To be used as a communication layer for DAOs;
  • To be used as a communication layer for blockchain games;
  • A protocol token (FTM) can be used as the “email fee” and so on.

Requested Grant: $50,000

  • Why do I need grants?

a) Porting the solution to Fantom network (the solution is currently working on the Polygon Network);
b) To rent a better server (current has only 2GB of RAM);
c) To rent a better RPC server (I’m using a free tier);
d) To fix few issues about paging results;
e) To improve UI/UX for Feeds Settings;
f) To create responsive pages;
g) To create a UI for sending multiple emails and so on.

  • Budget breakdown:

10% - To help me pay all the costs of having a company: you cannot create a blockchain project without first creating a company in Brazil;
40% - To be used to solve future problems (medical, legal, accounting, and so on);
50% - Getting a salary after almost 3 years working on this project to help my family.

  • Milestones:

Porting the current solution to Fantom network: 7 days.
Other features (from b to g): 6 months.

  • If you didn’t work on this project, what would you work on instead?

I would work on a “decentralized Uber”, solving the main problem: the rules change all the time for the company (Uber) and they don’t ask their users (drivers) if the change is good for them.

If Uber was powered by smart contracts, this problem would not happen.

  • What was my main challenge in this project?

The main challenge was to create all the rules using smart contracts with the lowest possible gas expense.

That’s it for now.
Thanks for your attention.

If you have any questions, please ask me.
If you want to thank me, please send an email on the blockchain (Fee 1 MATIC): https://mail.hashbox.app/address/0x55555E09bc39767C48Eb02863029Cb0838a80f2B.