Five Two Eight Games Funding Proposal

528 Games Ltd is a UK based Indie games studio with a track record of producing mobile games. Titles such as Zombie Spectre and Food Fighter are already playable on Android and IOS app stores. We are looking to create the first ever on chain marketing suite for indie developers to help fund talented indie game developers in a way that is sustainable and promotes excellence in gaming.

Web 3.0 gaming is getting a bad name with endless token based p2e concepts which historically have trended to zero and are borderline Ponzi schemes. No more! We are tired of seeing game after game promote p2e with below par quality games. Other organisation are trying and failing to achieve what we believe we can achieve with a relatively small amount of funding.

Indie developers struggle to compete with larger studios for ad space. We want to change that. We want to bootstrap web 3.0 gaming from the unlimited pool of game dev talent out there.

We believe we can do this and we are willing to make a promise of returning any Vault funding FTM we receive if we do not achieve our goal. How can we do this? The funding we receive will not be spent. Instead it will be used to generate revenue from FTM / USDC liquidity pools. The income will be used to bootstrap our efforts. Therefore our original seed funding will always be locked up as collateral to ensure we deliver.

We will require around 350,000 FTM to bootstrap this effort and we are asking for your votes to help to make this happen.

The company is fully doxed and is a registered UK business.

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