FantomDev: YouTube Developer Empowerment Program


Project Name: FantomDev
Name of the organization: Dapp Mentors Ltd.

Project Idea Summary

We intend to develop FantomDev, a web3 educational program that offers high-impact developer education courses, combining online learning with hands-on development through real-world projects and Hackathon competitions. The program aims to equip developers with the skills to build decentralized applications (dApps) on the Fantom Blockchain ecosystem.

In more detail, the project plans to:

  1. Develop and launch a series of long-form video tutorials from our structured web3 curriculum.

  2. Accompany the videos with articles on building dApps on the Fantom Blockchain.

  3. Host a dedicated Discord server for peer support, mentorship, and ongoing guidance.

  4. Host a Hackathon challenge to encourage developers to build and showcase their projects.

  5. Provide freely accessible educational resources, including video tutorials, articles, and open-source projects.

Our goal is to empower developers to build on the Fantom Blockchain with confidence, by providing a series of long-form courses featuring real-world project examples that show developers how to build the most in-demand projects in the blockchain space.

FantomDev Projects

Here is a curated list of real-world projects our program will offer based on research and demands:

  • Project 1: Building of an NFT Auction dApp on the Fantom chain

  • Project 2: Building of an escrow dApp on the Fantom chain

  • Project 3: Building of a Play-to-Earn dApp on the Fantom chain

  • Project 4: Building of a Social Media dApp on the Fantom chain

Our Curriculum Structure for Fantom

Module 1: Fantom Network Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Fantom Network and its architecture
  • Understanding Fantom’s consensus algorithm and transaction processing
  • Setting up a Fantom development environment

Module 2: Smart Contract Development on Fantom

  • Introduction to smart contracts on Fantom
  • Creating and deploying a simple smart contract using Solidity
  • Understanding Fantom’s contract architecture and storage
  • Working with events, transactions, and interactions in smart contracts

Module 3: Course Projects

  • Building of an NFT Auction dApp: This course will show developers how to use contracts to Auction NFTs on the Fantom network (Project 1).

  • Building of an escrow dApp: This course will show developers how to create a fully functioning escrow dApp on the Fantom network (Project 2).

  • Building of a Play-to-Earn dApp: This course will show developers how to a game that users play and earn rewards on the Fantom network (Project 3).

  • Building of a Social Media dApp: This course will show developers how to build a social media dapp on the Fantom network (Project 4).

Community Building

FantomDev fosters a collaborative learning environment:

  • Dedicated Discord Server: Provides a platform for peer support, mentorship, and ongoing guidance.

  • Capstone Project: Students can leverage resources and mentorship to build their dApps.

Target Audience

The program targets developers with basic blockchain knowledge, aspiring dApp builders, and developers interested in building on the Fantom blockchain.

The benefit to the Fantom Ecosystem:

With financial support from Fantom, our program aims to enable an unlimited number of developers to transition from web2 to web3 development, offering a significant public good to the Fantom Network.

  • Our program offers hands-on training, equipping developers with the skills to build and develop on the Fantom Network.

  • We address the current lack of free YouTube training resources, providing accessible and valuable content to the developer community.

  • Our long-form training videos are permanently available on YouTube, allowing developers to learn at their own pace.

  • Our resources are globally accessible, catering to all English-speaking communities, making web3 development more inclusive.

  • By supporting this grant, the committee will be demonstrating a commitment to encourage learners and fostering a vibrant community across the Fantom ecosystem.

  • Our program facilitates unlimited developer adoption, enabling new developers to join and build on the Fantom network with ease.

  • As new developers build and scale with Fantom, our program encourages awareness and effectiveness, driving innovation and growth.

  • We remove entry barriers, allowing developers to start building on the Fantom network immediately, without obstacles or delays.

Project Delivery Format

The tutorials will be readily accessible through various channels:

  • Dapp Mentors YouTube Channel: A dedicated channel that reaches a broad audience interested in Blockchain and Web3 development.

  • Our Official Website: We’ll offer FREE supplementary resources, course materials, and additional information for learner convenience.

  • Developer Communities: We’ll also publish the article versions of the tutorials on developer communities like, Medium, and Hackernoon where we also have significant readership and followers.

  • Fantom Support: To effectively distribute our video and article content across various platforms like YouTube, blog pages, Discord channels, developer communities, and more, we’ll need Fantom’s assistance.

Project Timeline (Roadmap)

With your approval, we aim to complete and launch this project within the following timeline:

  • Start Date: May 30th, 2024
  • End Date: September 30th, 2024
  • Release Schedule: One video module and accompanying article released weekly for fresh and accessible content.

Budget Proposal

Our project budget of $23,200 is allocated across three milestones over Four months (May 30th, 2024 - September 30th, 2024). This budget covers the following:

  1. Team salary (4 Months) for open-source project development: $10,000
  2. Team salary (4 Months) for content production: $7,000
  3. Content promotion & marketing efforts: $2,500
  4. Hackathon challenge: $2,000
  5. Additional studio setup items: $1,000
  6. Windows PC for project illustrations (we have Mac): $700

Milestone 1: Course Project Development (1.5 months)

  • Design, development, testing, deployment, and hosting of 4 projects:

    • NFT Auction dApp
    • Escrow dApp
    • Play-to-Earn dApp
    • Social Media dApp
  • UI/UX design, full software development, bug testing, deployment to testnet, documentation creation, and open-source release on GitHub

Milestone 2: Content Development & Production (1.5 months)

  • Transformation of the curriculum and projects into video and article tutorials
  • Video recording and editing, article writing and editing

Milestone 3: Content Release, Promotion, & Hackathon (1 month)

  • Publishing and promoting video content on Dapp Mentors YouTube channel and website
  • Promoting content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and developer communities (, Hackernoon, Medium)
  • Hosting a Hackathon challenge
  • Setting up a dedicated Discord server for ongoing mentorship and guidance

Our End Product:

By the end of this project, we would have created FantomDev, a web3 educational program providing hands-on learning resources and real-world projects for developers to build dApps on the Fantom Blockchain ecosystem, and it will include:

  • 4 real-world projects (dApps) developed and open-sourced.
  • Curriculum structured video and article tutorials for each project.
  • A dedicated Discord server for community support and guidance.
  • A Hackathon challenge to encourage further innovation and community engagement.

Metrics for Success

We will track impact through various metrics:

  • YouTube views and engagement.
  • Developer forum reads (, Hackernoon, Medium)
  • Website views (Dapp Mentors Academy)
  • Clicks on open-source projects linked to GitHub.
  • Hackathon project submissions.
  • Discord server growth.

We believe that the metrics from the above channels will help us determine the usage of this educational project.

Why Us?

Our core team members include me Darlington Gospel, the Founder and CEO of Dapp Mentors Ltd, a company at the forefront of the Web3 space. With over 8 years of experience in software development, I’ve specialized in blockchain technology since 2020.

My expertise covers Blockchain and Fullstack Software Development, Technical Instruction, and Content Creation. I run a blockchain and web3 channel called Dapp Mentors. I’ve authored over 40 articles, developed premium courses, and published a book on blockchain, web3, and DeFi, significantly contributing to the educational landscape.

I’ve led projects like Dapp Mentors Academy and am spearheading the development of a decentralized educational platform ( My passion for education and technology, especially in Blockchain and AI, drives my professional journey.

Additionally, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the ICP DFINITY Foundation and The Sia Network, contributing to their ecosystems and furthering my understanding of blockchain technology.

The team is further strengthened by Ebenezer Enietan who is a seasoned tech leader with over 15 years of experience in software development, blockchain consulting, and tech education. His expertise in Solidity, React.js, Node.js, and SQL, combined with his leadership roles at White Creativity and GeNext Logistics, positions him to contribute significantly to this program.

Also, Princess Uhiene is a skilled frontend developer, project manager, and technical writer with a strong background in React.js, Next.js, and TypeScript, making her an ideal candidate to help us manage this project and ensure we meet deadlines. Her dedication to our company and experience in project management align well with the project’s goals of creating developers’ empowerment content.

Development Information

Will all of our project’s code be open-source?
Yes, all project code will be open-source and made available on GitHub.

Do we agree to submit monthly progress reports?
Yes, we agree to submit monthly progress reports in the forum.

Contact info:

Any other preferred contact methods:

Forum: @DappMentors
Discord: Daltonic

We’ve also included multiple example videos showcasing similar works and our expertise in this project area.

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