Fantom Tip + Faucet Bot for Discord — Send FTM to your Discord friends!

Skip the chat and invite the bot to your server.

Hello all,

Introducing the Fantom Tip + Faucet Bot. The Fantom Tip Bot allows members to send Fantom to others via Discord using simple commands. I built this to facilitate spreading bits of FTM around the community in a fun and easy way! Created by @youngseebi.

Sending FTM through Discord

To send FTM to your friends, you’ll first to top-up your account. To do so, you can obtain your personal wallet address using the !deposit command and simply send it some FTM. Once your wallet is funded, you can freely send FTM to your friends using the !send @tag <amount> command.

There are several other useful functions, such as the !balance command to view your balance. To view a full list of commands, you can run the !commands command.

The Faucet

The Fantom Tip Bot also allows you to create a personal community faucet which distributes a very small amount of FTM to your members to cover gas fees. Only member who’s accounts are more than 30 days old can utilize the faucet, and the faucet can only be utilized by a member once every 30 days. Similarly to the personal wallets, anyone in your community can fund the community wallet by sending funds to the !fund address.

If people are interested in the tech side of this, @youngseebi would be happy to elaborate now how this is possible. For now, you’re welcome to invite the bot into your own server!

If you’d to help cover hosting costs (faucets are 100% free!) and/or support the further development of this bot, you can send a small tip here:


Enjoy, and feel free to drop questions/comments below.


Nice, do you have any website ?
Love the idea