Fantom Customized Bounty Network


The main goal of this project is to deliver a decentralized Fantom Bounty Network by deploying a fully customized Bounty Network (UI+Protocol) on Fantom Chain. This will allow Fantom to attract participants from the community to work and contribute to Fantom in a decentralized, sustainable and trustless way.

With this solution you don’t need a big team to start & keep building products and applications for Fantom or projects within its ecosystem. You will be able to leverage the power of decentralization to engage, as needed, with an open and talented community of developers and manage your development.

On the Fantom Bounty Network, the organization and its ecosystem projects can launch any type of bounties by locking (eg. $FTM/configurable), previously setup by Fantom, on the protocol and any participant in the world can develop the required solution specified by the bounty promoter and receive the tokens locked for this specific chore in an automatic fashion through smart contracts. (min. amount of 100$ per bounty)

Moreover, it is also possible for projects within the ecosystem or community members to ask for funding to deliver a feature, service or build a common piece of software that serves the community and the organization. Fantom or anyone from the network can fund the request. It can work just like a Grant’s program, but in an optimized way. Fantom can also set which are the projects within its ecosystem with permissions to issue both bounties and funding requests.

The bounty contributors (Bounty solvers and Curators) also receive a PoP (Proof-of-Participation) NFT as a recognition of their work done on a specific chore, providing them the possibility to build on-chain reputation. This can also help organizations to spot amazing talent.

Crowdsource development, fund common building blocks and decentralize Fantom development today.


  • Developer - person who made the technical work specified on the bounty.

  • Bounty Promoter - stakeholder that creates and defines a bounty on a network and deposits the initial reward to be distributed to winning participants and the curator.

  • Curator - a protocol participant that approves a certain solution to solve the bounty. The participant needs (at least) X (s$FTM/configurable)) to be eligible to be a curator. The organization can choose to manage the eligible curators (creating a specific and non-economic token for that effect) or open this possibility to everyone (we advise to go for the first option).

Why is this important for the Fantom ecosystem?

  • Fantom will have an infrastructure where it can cultivate, grow and develop the initiatives that both the organization, incubated projects and its community can use and thrive on.

Giving Fantom the opportunity to create a decentralized and democratized approach when it comes to development, funding and working as a community.

  • Not only for Fantom, but for the projects within its ecosystem:

  • For example, incubated projects could use your custom network to launch their own bounties. This will increase even more the bonding between Fantom and the projects that it supports, along with the combining forces of several communities below the same mantra: build prosperity and opportunities for all.

Why is our infrastructure so crucial?

  • Global accessibility: Our decentralized bounty network can enable participants and project owners from around the world to participate together in solving bounties, democratizing access to work.

  • Encouraging open-source development: A decentralized bounty network can incentivize open-source software development by rewarding participants who contribute to projects, ultimately leading to a more robust and diverse ecosystem.

  • Democratization of opportunities: A decentralized bounty network levels the playing field for participants and organizations, regardless of their location, background, or financial resources. This allows talented individuals from all over the world to participate and contribute to projects, fostering innovation and creativity.

  • Encouraging innovation: A decentralized bounty network enables developers to work on projects they are passionate about or find interesting, which can lead to innovative solutions and improvements. Additionally, the network incentivizes open-source development, further driving innovation across various industries.

  • Resilience and censorship resistance: A decentralized network is more resilient to failures, as it does not rely on a single point of control. This also makes it resistant to censorship, allowing for a truly global and open platform for collaboration.

  • Adaptive to market needs: As a decentralized infrastructure it can be more flexible and responsive to the needs of users, as it isn’t constrained by the limitations of a centralized platform. This allows for the continuous improvement and adaptation of the network based on user feedback and requirements.

  • Promoting economic growth: By providing a platform for participants to earn income through bounties, this infrastructure can contribute to economic growth and job creation, particularly in regions with limited access to traditional employment opportunities. That’s why we are aligned with one of the most important SDG’s of United Nations (SDG number 8 - “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”)

System Components

The decentralized & outsource-focused framework is delivered by the following 3 main components

  1. Github Bot Integration (OPTIONAL) - That connects to all the Fantom Bounty Network Github repositories and manages the integration between the protocol and Fantom repositories.

  2. Web Application - To allow the bounty promoters to open bounties, lock ($FTM/configurable) to be curators on the protocol, manage disputes and reward distributions.

  3. Bepro Protocol - A smart contract deployed on the Fantom Chain where all the dispute/settlement infrastructure are executed.

Upcoming features

  1. Decentralized tool for KYC purposes

  2. Push Notifications from the protocol to wallets

  3. Privacy Layer for the possibility to issue Bug Bounties


  • Network Fee - 5% of the total bounty prize that goes to a Bepro treasury address for each bounty created on the system.

  • Curator Fee (configurable) - 3% of the total bounty prize that goes to the Curator member that proposes the Merge Distribution/Request.

  • Cancel Fee - 10% of the total bounty prize that goes to a treasury address when a bounty is canceled.

  • Curator Minimum Staked (configurable) - X ($FTM) is the minimum required to be a merge request proposer

  • Payment Token ($FTM) (configurable) - is the ERC-20 used for the prizes, reward all the protocol participants

  • Curator Token ($FTM) (configurable) - token used to define the curators to create proposals. In a closed curator system, you can use non economic token to delegate this ability to specific people. We can build this token for you, if necessary


  • Project Submission - Day 1

  • Deploy Bepro Network Protocol v2 on Fantom Chain - 1 week

  • Develop customized version of Bepro Network Protocol

  • Work with Fantom team to select the Repositories that are going to be available to develop bounties using our Github integration (If applicable)

  • Deploy Customized UI for Fantom Bounty Network - 1 week

  • Open Source UI for participants to interact with the protocol

  • System Fully Functional - 1 week



|Project Kickstart|Day 1|

|Deploy Bepro Network Protocol v2 on Fantom Chain|1 week|

|Deploy Customized UI for Fantom Bounty Network|2 weeks|

|System Fully Functional|1 week|

Costs: 150 000 $FTM streamed over 1 month

fWallet - 0xEA97541CAc4e77eAe54e6E8c43a7b33Eb1fa8263

## Bepro Website/App

Team/Org: LayerX