E-Sports multichain Gaming Multiplayer FPS

Gaming aspect of the blockchain has seen some up and downs, especially NFT aspect is causing more friction in the traditional gaming as seen to be something negative. We plan to create Free to Play game similar to Counter Strike and Fortnite powered by the blockchain. So that we can attract more WEB2 users onto WEB3 seamlessly. Our game on Cardano, Polygon and Google Play do not require NFT to play, it does not cost anything to play either. We believe as projects should be doing more free gaming to attract users onto WEB3 and over time show the benefits of ownership of in game assets, decentralized transfer of the assets and token earning capabilities (P2E). We can challenge the behemoths of traditional gaming which have thrived solely due to their size of marketing fund which they have enjoyed as a result of their monopoly.
We focus on PvP games with online real time action and adventure. There are very few games currently able to support up to 500 players online at the same time on the same map.

Given our current large community based on two chains, Cardano and Polygon over 12,700 users, we are able to bring those users to Fantom as unique game will be developed for the blockchain. In addition we are also bridging onto WEB2 and recently launched our mobile game which is cross platform PC Window – Android Mobile, and this has been gaining momentum with 1000 downloads per week.
We will be able to deploy at the outset Windows PC – Android Google Play cross platform game in which players can play at the same time on the same map! IOS (Apple) will be also be integrated in Q4 2023

The above is cross platform game on Google Play. PC Windows depository is available via our website link. Both platform users can play at the same time on the same map currently using Cardano and Polygon blockchains.


Specifically developed for Polygon users FPS Multiplayer game using Elixir app, which is similar to Steam on WEB3.

Milestone 1 Smart contract deployment to mint test NFT on Fantom Network & integration Unique Unreal Engine game concept and physics development It takes around 1 months for stage 1 N/A 1 month 11,500 USD

Milestone 2 Smart contract deployment to mint test native token and its integration into Fantom for Unreal Engine in game assets, it takes 1 month to develop in unique game environment using in house and 3D modelling team Time required 1 month for stage 2 N/A 1 months 9,500 USD

Milestone 3 Bespoke gaming Back end development to include Fantom to HHMC platform game access point Time required 1 month for stage 3 N/A 1 Month 7,500 USD
Milestone 4 Fantom wallet deployment, back end and Unreal Engine game access point and full game deployment Time required 1 month for stage 4 Ready to play and host live E-Sports tournaments 1 Month 6,500 USD

Total 4 Months 35,000 USD

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