Desig Protocol - Ecosystem Vault

Desig Protocol - A Blockchain-agnostic Multisig solution; enhancing Trustless ecosystem with 2FA and social recovery. It’s designed to provide for individuals, teams and DAOs.
We’re under-building and will be launching Beta Mainnet version for Mobile app and Chrome extension this June.

Details here:


  • The Library:

We start as a sophisticated Typescript SDK that serves a solid foundation of cryptography. Importantly, it’s open-source for other projects to be leveraged too. In this phase, we’d like to build momentum and market exposure.

  • The Wallet:

To add more value and realize more use-cases of the multisig, a wallet would be a great choice. In this phase, we focus on user experience, monetize our solution and build the community.

The amount of FTM requested: 15,000 FTM