Andre Cronje - infinite AMA

Exactly that! We already have a 10x increase in throughput, already real world, and we have greater planned. We believe segmentation makes things more difficult for our dapp developers.

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I am looking forward to seeing how account abstraction works out in the long term. In the meantime, I know fWallet has been getting redeveloped.

Would you consider adapting it into a native EVM browser extension similar to metamask rather than a pws webapp?

Also how do you feel about the current state of browser wallets, what do you like and what would you like to see them improve on?

Can’t comment much on fwallet sadly, that’s not my department.

I believe wallets will become more abstracted and eventually completely obfuscated, closer to how we experience social auth today, but still a bit away from that as it needs some inherent browser changes.

Hello Andre,

Just read the article on Account Abstraction & and the new paths it opens (like Economic Abstraction).

“Since a wallet under the Account Abstraction implementation is a smart contract, many other functions become available. Most importantly, economic abstraction becomes viable, which is the ability for users to pay transaction fees in tokens other than FTM.”

How this availability to pay in other token will interact with the current structure of the token burn and especially the Vault ?

If account abstraction allows people to use crypto other than Fantom on the Fantom network, will that decrease the use of the networks coin?

Can slashed ftm from validator double signing etc and early unlocking go to a ecosystem vault(or to any purpose driven vault) instead of sending it to 0x00 burn address? - one more avenue to capture value for the ecosystem without inflation of token…

Btw great presentation at Quantum Miami - especially last part on how you came up with number 10.