Alphaday - A data aggregator tool as a Fantom community dashboard

Hello everyone, I write this proposal on behalf of Alphaday. We would like to propose building a Fantom community dashboard that aggregates all relevant information about the project into one customizable UI. This not only saves time in keeping up with the latest about Fantom for existing stakeholders, but also is designed to acquire new users by spiking their interest.

Please see our complete application in the below link:

You can check out the already live (Beta version) product here:
To get an idea of how the dashboard would look like, check out the dashboards of projects we’ve already built for. More coming very soon!

If you, the community, likes this then we will go ahead with an actual on-chain proposal.

We appreciate all the feedback you can give us!
Thank you in advance,

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This is pretty cool, and I think the ask is very reasonable. ($4,000)

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